Prenatal Massage Therapy

Why is Prenatal Massage Therapy a Must for Pregnancy?

Prenatal Massage Therapy in Aledo, Texas

Many mothers can start to feel the aches and pain of pregnancy a lot quicker in their second time of being pregnant than their first typically. Therefore, we have numerous experienced expecting mothers choosing prenatal massage therapy to help soothe their pain or discomfort in their low back, neck, shoulders, sciatica, headaches, swollen feet, round ligament pain, symphysis pubic dysfunction, plus more.

There are numerous studies showcasing the benefits for expecting moms in not only their physical health, but also their mental health. It is very common for pregnant women to have discomforts that cause them to lay awake in their bed at night preventing them to get the best sleep.  When you have a toddler running around the house, then those hours of sleep are even more precious and needed.

“Not only does Rachel help ease my throbbing feet, relieve my back pain, but also helps keep my migraines at bay since I am unable to take my normal medication while I am pregnant.  I have also experienced the best nights of sleep after I get a prenatal massage and my prenatal chiropractic adjustment,” Melissa says. She also reports that she feels more rejuvenated and able to keep up with her young children.

Prenatal massage therapy is a preferred approach for many OBGYN  + certified nurse midwives + certified personal midwives & prenatal certified chiropractors to help manage the ever-demanding changes a pregnant woman experiences.  Being pregnant puts a lot of stress and strain on a female’s body posture. It can cause a lot of tension in her lower back, weaken her core, and put a lot of pressure on her neck, legs, and feet.

The Power of Prenatal Massage Therapy

Your muscles, ligaments, and tendons will thank you after a prenatal massage. When a prenatal certified massage therapist applies her hands and moves them in a specific way, she can help stimulate blood flow to reduce swelling and ease pressure off of inflamed nerves. Beyond the benefits to the muscles and nerves, there are additional advantages for any expecting mama’s body. There was a study done with the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami that demonstrated expecting women that received a weekly prenatal massage had much lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and higher amounts of dopamine and serotonin, also known as the “feel-good” hormones. Further research links these hormonal changes to lead to fewer childbirth complications with a 75% reduced risk of premature birth for women that were experiencing depression, less overall anxiety, and improvements in mood.

Additional benefits include:

Can help with anxiety Lowers depression Relieves migraines

Reduces joint pain Improves labor outcomes Relaxes muscle tension

Improves lymphatic flow Increases blood circulation Better hormone regulation

Alleviates sciatica discomfort Reduces swelling Better sleep for mom

Decreases nerve pain Lowers edema Prevents tension headaches

Personalized Care

Prenatal massages will vary from traditional massage therapy.  For example, most pregnant women will choose to lay on their sides the majority of the massage.  However, with our clinic specializing and curating an environment for growing families, our massage therapist has uniquely designed pillows with a hole in the middle that an expecting mother may lay on her tummy for a portion of the massage if she chooses.  Prenatal massage sessions can last 60-90 minutes depending upon what the pregnant mother selects.

The entire body can and be worked.  As our prenatal certified massage therapist tailors her approach to your body, you can let her know if you would like to experience a head-to-toe massage or would prefer for her to focus on certain areas. Women trying to conceive through their entire pregnancy journey and postpartum adventures are able to reap the benefits of massage with our clinic in Aledo, Texas. Our massage therapist is not only certified in pregnancy massage, but also labor and postpartum. Rachel Gabsi has been a certified massage therapist since 2002 and has extensive post-graduate training in everything motherhood.

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