Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Should Include Chiropractic

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Becoming healthier is a top goal for most of us, so making plans to improve our health and formalizing it as New Year’s resolution is sort of a given. For some, being healthy is a general desire to be in good health.  For others, it’s a promise to get rid of specific unhealthy habits and restore their bodies to wellness.

We make a promise to ourselves that we will exercise more, eat better, shed unnecessary pounds, or whatever we feel we need to do turn specific health issues around. We want this for ourselves and for our loved ones too … the people closest to us: our spouse and our kids.

So here at the start of 2019, I’d like to suggest a health resolution you may not have considered. I truly believe it is the backbone of complete health and wellness for each member of your family: routine chiropractic care. And here’s why …

The Nervous System is the Key

Chiropractic supports our total body. With chiropractic, we have the ability to achieve overall health and wellness. That starts with our nervous system.

Our nervous system directly affects every other system within our body. It regulates the functioning of every system, organ, and structure in our body through its receptors. So if our nervous system is healthy, it’s most likely the other systems in our body are healthy. But did you know that our nervous system doesn’t just operate from within our brain? Our brain is just one location in which nervous system receptors reside.

Many nervous system receptors are located in the spinal column. Due to the spine’s direct neurological influence on the rest of the body, restoring motion and proper alignment of the spine is where the results of chiropractic begin. Chiropractors are expertly trained to locate and correct misalignments in the spine (a huge nervous system) in addition to other places in the body with nervous system receptors reside (head, neck …). With spinal alignment restored, virtually the rest of the body can then self-regulate, maintain itself, and restore itself to good health when things get out of whack.


The Nervous System is Communication Central

Throughout our body, communication is constantly taking place between systems in our body and the nervous system. The nervous system is like Grand Central Station, a big sensory organ that analyzes the rest of our body and “inventories” what our body needs to maintain a state of health.

When a chiropractor detects nervous system misalignments, s/he is able to correct those misalignments, which can then positively affect systems that are not working properly. Those corrections can affect not just one, but many systems of our body at one time. Viewed in this way, chiropractic is therapeutic. It helps the entire body achieve good health. In fact, that’s the goal of chiropractic: to improve and optimize our health and ultimately our quality of life.


Hidden Obstacles to Optimal Health

We don’t have to feel sick or sense specific aches and pains to benefit from chiropractic. Just because we feel good, don’t notice any pain, and don’t detect that there’s some imbalance occurring in our body doesn’t mean we are in optimal health. Stressors could be slowly creating imbalances that you may not notice until later. Stress can be physical and mental. Mental stress can be making changes in the body that, over time, manifest themselves, turning into physical ailments.

Chiropractors view stress as the underlying cause of most pain and ill health. We also believe the body has a natural ability to heal itself if the obstacles that stand in the way of poor health are eliminated. It’s our job to detect and remove those obstacles so our body can get to work.

Subtle imbalances can be taking place. Respiration (breathing), circulation (cardiovascular), and digestion (breakdown and absorption of food and nutrients) are a few of them. Chiropractic can affect blood pressure, which can then reduce our risk of heart attack and stroke. Chiropractic can improve a wide range of symptoms that impact our immune system, the functioning of our organs, and the presence of inflammation, which is the root cause of many diseases. 


When Problems Present Themselves

Chiropractic can help restore organ dysfunction and impact other chronic diseases. When a chiropractor adjusts your spinal column, for instance, they are not necessarily correcting back pain. Many symptoms from which both adults and children may be suffering that are not directly affecting the spinal column can be indirectly corrected by making adjustments to the vertebrae of the spine.

By balancing out the body’s nervous system responses, chiropractic can reduce stress placed on certain organs to allow them to function properly.

Pregnancy, Pre- and Neonatal

Chiropractic can help ease the pain of expectant mothers, providing quick relief from the common aches and pains of pregnancy. With chiropractic, expectant moms can be better prepared for childbirth with adjustments that affect bones and ligaments to better accommodate baby and make sure baby is positioned properly for normal delivery – even in twins and multiple births.

Chiropractic can continue to improve the overall comfort and well-being for mothers even in the postpartum period and for their infants.

New mothers who continue to receive chiropractic adjustments report the reduction or elimination of the trauma caused by the normal birthing process and back and neck pain – which can be caused by poor nursing posture – allowing for quick recovery and comfort.



As your child grows, chiropractic care continues to encourage proper body development and better functioning of their body. Chiropractic sessions can catch your child’s problems before they become more serious and require more intensive treatments.

The number one reason for referrals from local pediatricians to our clinic is for ear problems … it’s the most common illness affecting babies and young children … the number one reason for visits to a health practitioner. When ear infections become chronic, they may require repeated antibiotics and multiple sets of ear tubes; when unaddressed altogether, ear infections can put your child at risk for permanent hearing damage and possibly affect their speech and general development. A lot of our pediatricians are starting to suggest specific pediatric chiropractic as a potential solution.


Pre-teens, Teens, Young Adults

As your child grows and becomes more and more active, their spines can get out of alignment. In these cases, children benefit greatly from regular chiropractic care to prevent and correct alignment issues. For preteen and teens, a visit to the family chiropractor can prevent or eliminate lower back and neck pain, headaches and head off the onset of conditions such as scoliosis or torticollis.


Moms and Dads

Everyday stresses in life, including job stress and unexpected injuries from auto and sports accidents in young and older adults can be treated early-on before they trigger more serious health issues.

By the time parents reach age 40, many of their conditions are a result of not correcting spinal problems that may have occurred at an earlier age. These could be migraines and headaches, lower back or neck pain. Then there are the unexpected auto accidents, falls, a pinched nerve acquired from physical work-outs, and pain and injuries from more intense athletic pursuits. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive way to ease pain and let the body heal quickly.

Regular maintenance visits to a family chiropractor can help you avoid injury, joint restriction, and dysfunction due to misalignments. It’s a form of health care that doesn’t rely on prescription medication and in many cases eliminates the symptoms of many ailments and the cause of those ailments.


Who We Are

We are Doctors Michelle Parker and Darcy Goode. Our clinic has been certified in Webster Technique and providing care to pregnant women, dads,  and children,  since 2010. Both of us have numerous post-graduate chiropractic training in working on the muscles and bones of expecting moms and newborns by integrating craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and pregnancy-tailored chiropractic adjustments. In addition, Dr. Parker is the only pediatric certified chiropractic by the Academy Council in Parker County. She is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.


Located Near Fort Worth

The office of The Chiropractic Place for Mommy and Me is in Aledo, Texas, just 15 minutes west of downtown Fort Worth or 10 minutes east of Weatherford, Hudson Oaks, and Willow Park. 

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