Pregnancy + Chiropractic

If you have never been to a prenatal chiropractor before you became pregnant, some may not even know that a chiropractor can work on an expecting mother. It is true that every chiropractor learns in school tools needed to work on a pregnant mama, but there are a select few that actually become certified taking post-graduate training specific for the pregnant mother’s anatomy. 


In chiropractic, there is a certification called the Webster Technique. Have you heard those words before? It is a chiropractic specialized technique analyzing the sacrum and restoring normal neuro-biomechanics to the pelvis through specific chiropractic adjustments. We look at the pregnant mom’s pelvis, which contain her hips, pubic bone, and sacrum, and test their flexibility and balance. We are looking to see if the mother needs a chiropractic prenatal adjustment to restore normal motion. 


Our practice at The Chiropractic Place for Mommy and Me located in a Aledo, Texas received numerous referrals a week from local north Texas midwives and OBGYN’s for their pregnant women. The reason for referrals from these sources can range from round ligament pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, pubic bone pain, hip pain, low back pain, baby not being in the best position, breech baby positioning and much more. Our office has been certified in Webster Technique and helping hundreds of pregnant women since December 2010! (Y’all, that’s 8 years in just a couple of months. Imagine being on this end of knowing babies that have turned into 8-year olds! 😱 Wow, time flies!) 


Webster Technique analysis can also be used on men and women that are not expecting too.  But, it is most widely known for chiropractors using it with pregnant moms. If you are an expecting mom and experiencing any pain currently or want to try to prevent pain from returning and you live near the Aledo/Willow Park area, give us a call at 682-214-0408 or request an appointment through our website. Our space is super kid-friendly with toys in each room, toxic-free scents, a nursing and feeding room, and a diaper changing station. We would love and be honored to be part of your prenatal team.


 Photo captured by Cassie Amanda Photography.