Elm Street in Historic Aledo

At the end of October this year, it will be an official year since we moved into our sweet 1920’s historic home in the Aledo Downtown Historic Area. A day doesn’t go by that we walk out our front door to the clinic and see the beautiful Church At The Crossing and praise God that we are located where we are. See, a lot of you don’t know that I made my start in Aledo in December 2012 renting a small room shared by postpartum doula, Ashley Coones; holistic pediatrician, Dr. Gina Fowler; and newborn and family photographer, Cassie Amanda in the building to our current east that is formerly known as Aledo Yoga (and back then it was a yellow building!). After growing out of that space, I rented from Dr. Brent Procter at Aledo Family Chiropractic for a couple of years before moving to our own space off FM-1187. So you can definitely say I have made my around Aledo. ;) 


To be back in the historic area makes it feel nostalgic. I still remembering coming to my first Christmas Tyme in Aledo and being in awe of all of the magical Christmas joy that was being spread around. Having a chiropractic business that serves growing families with a wellness twist in this area means we get to have a store front for the Christmas Tyme in Aledo. Seriously, a dream come true. So everytjme you visit us at The Chiropractic Place for Mommy and Me, will you take a moment to take in a deep breath and soak in the view as you peer out and see the railroad tracks and the rolling hills as you leave? I know I do each time. :)