Mom’s Who Inspire Us- Karin Rooney


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with mom guilt? The pressure of feeling judged or put-down for a decision on how you birth, feed or parent your child is something that weighs heavy on a lot of the moms I know, including myself. We at The Chiropractic Place for Mommy and Me want to be a place of empowerment, inspiration, less overwhelm and love for the women and their families that we serve. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to fill our feed on social media with words of wisdom from some of the most incredible women we know, ones that have inspired us to be “better moms”, “better women”. Enjoy the ride as we interviewed local Aledo mom Karin Rooney, author of Sink or Swim, plane crash survivor and mother to 3. When Karin and I talked about mom-guilt, she said some wise words that filled my heart with joy. She said, “Who cares how you live your life? Who cares if you bottle feed, if you breast feed, if you choose to have a c-section, you are not defined by how you have a baby and how you raise your child.  And if you work outside the home or stay home and you have peace, follow the peace. That’s one of my biggest phrases is, follow the peace. If peace is in your heart and peace is in your family, then do it.”

One reason we love the fact that she said these words is we use the same phrase of “follow the peace” when talking with the moms and dads that come into their clinic when they want to discuss their children on tongue tie revisions, breastfeeding difficulties or especially on how they are going to attempt to give birth when there may be complications already rising to the top. If they feel peace in the direction they are going, then you know it’s the right one.

Do you follow the “peace”? For us that is our internal Holy Spirit radar telling us we are headed in the right direction and it may seem too simple, but can be difficult to listen to when our world is so loud and chaotic (like mine right now as I am trying to type this up and my boys are playing legos and crashing into things and making them explode. Boys.).

How do you know when you are making the right decision for your family? Do you have any advice or input on this topic? We would love to hear your thoughts.