How Chiropractic Benefits All Members of the Family; Mom, Dad, and the Kids

Health care is a commitment every conscientious family makes to keep mom, dad, and the kids healthy. Usually, it involves a doctor for this and a health care practitioner for that and a chiropractor for something else. But when the whole family makes a point of seeing a chiropractor together, the overall health of each member of the family benefits.

When care of the nervous system is addressed through spinal adjustments and other alignments, many health issues receive generalized care that’s effective for every age group, even though each member of the family has their own distinct health issues. It’s like the cars your family drives. They each need a regular tune-up to keep them running better and longer and preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Pre- and Post Natal

Pregnant moms get quick relief from the common aches and pains of pregnancy. They are better prepared for childbirth as bones and ligaments expand the womb to accommodate baby, and help place baby in the proper position for a normal delivery in singles, twins, and multiple births.

Young mothers who continue chiropractic care get adjustments that help ease or eliminate back and neck pain caused by improper posture when nursing, get better milk flow, enjoy a quick recovery and comfort, and she and baby can get corrected from pelvic misalignments caused by the normal birthing process, birth trauma. Even common annoyances such as baby’s sleep, eating and intestinal issues such as colic can be reduced or prevented.


Children receiving chiropractic get the benefits of proper health development, better growth and sleep, fewer behavior problems, and better protection and healing from falls, weak neck muscles, ear infections, and general growing pains. They bounce back quicker from ailments such as an upset stomach and asthma. Regular chiropractic sessions can catch problems early before they become more serious and require more intensive treatments.

Active children who may get their spine out of alignment can also benefit greatly from regular chiropractic care and possibly prevent alignment issues altogether.

Ear problems alone, the most common illness affecting babies and young children, are the number one reason for visits to the pediatrician. They can be excruciatingly painful, especially in children. For many children, it becomes a chronic problem, requiring repeated treatment. Unaddressed ear infections put a child at risk of permanent hearing damage and related speech and developmental problems.

Pre-teens and Teens and Young Adults

For preteens and teens, a visit to the family chiropractor can head off the onset of conditions such as scoliosis or torticollis. Chiropractic can prevent or eliminate lower back and neck pain, headaches, job stress, and auto and sports accidents in young adults.

Moms and Dads

 When parents reach age 40 and older, many of their conditions are a result of not fully correcting spinal problems that may have occurred at an earlier age. Examples include migraines and headaches, lower back or neck pain, and pinched nerves. And for after-the-fact auto accident care, chiropractic is a non-invasive way to let the body heal quickly and ease the pain.

Injury Prevention

 Regular maintenance in the form of visits to the family chiropractor can avoid injury, joint restriction, and dysfunction due to misalignments. It’s a form of health care that doesn’t rely on prescription medication and in many cases eliminates the symptoms of many ailments and the ailments alltogether.

Athletic Performance

For the athlete – including the weekend warrior – chiropractic brings flexibility to the body through spinal manipulation and take-home exercises that keep you limber and agile. For the serious athlete who strives for optimal performance, you can do what you do better without taking a pill or requiring lengthy physical rehab for sports injuries.

Certified Practitioners

Dr. Parker is certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatric Association in pediatric chiropractic for pre- and post-natal specialties, the only chiropractor with the C.A.C.C.P certification in Parker County, the only chiropractor with this certification in Parker County.

She is also certified in Myofascial Release and is a former Certified Personal Trainer in Women’s Health, with the ability to work on the muscles and tendons that attach to the bones that are not moving properly, causing pain, discomfort, and a lack of range of motion. 

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