8 Most Common Reasons Why Pregnant Women Visit a Chiropractor

Pregnancy presents a lot of unknowns for many mothers-to-be. The aches and pains may not be anything like you’ve experienced before. You may not know what to expect and how best to care for yourself before and after giving birth. Your concerns are normal and understandable. Your body is changing in new ways, stretching and expanding to accommodate the baby growing inside. Here are some of the top reasons to seek chiropractic care before and after your baby arrives.

 1. Reduced Aches and Pains

Chiropractors – especially those specializing in pre- and post-natal care – understand pregnancy pain and know how to relieve it. They are also particularly helpful in showing new moms and reminding experienced ones what postures and exercises they can do themselves to alleviate some of them, like pain in areas of the lower back, thighs, pelvis, legs, neck, and shoulders. These chiropractors who have special training in prenatal and postnatal care are certified in the Webster Technique through the ICPA  (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association). 

2. Safe Sciatica Relief

Pregnant moms can be affected by sciatica; that’s the pain emanating from the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower back, down past the buttocks and legs to the foot. Typically, over the counter anti-inflammatories are prescribed by healthcare practitioners. But those are off limits now because of the risks to your unborn child. Chiropractic offers a safe alternative to those medications.  A chiropractor certified in myofascial release in addition to specific prenatal chiropractic adjustments have good success with helping pregnant women dealing with sciatica.

3. Reduced Ailments from Rapid Weight Gain

Weight gain adds to the body’s stress. Many moms who receive chiropractic care report reduced morning sickness and back, round ligament, pelvic, and rib pain often associated with rapid weight gain. Chiropractic has also demonstrated success in reducing premature contractions.

4. Reduced Labor Duration

Chiropractic studies show there may be a relationship between back pain throughout pregnancy and duration of the labor and delivery process. One study showed that pregnant mothers receiving chiropractic care for back pain have on average a 31 percent shorter labor.

5. Better Birth Positioning

Chiropractors use special techniques designed to help balance the pelvis and ligaments. These have proven successful in giving babies optimal room and placement. Misaligned pelvic joints can pull the uterus off center and can at times affect fetal position, putting babies in a breech position prior to birth – a common occurrence with twin and multiple-births.

Chiropractic techniques have been so effective that many OB-GYNs and midwives refer their patients to chiropractors who use special techniques like the Webster Technique, which creates balance in the pelvis providing for better birth positioning.

6. Full-Term Twin Births

Statistics show that chiropractic care may contribute to creating optimal conditions for twin-birth moms to have full-term pregnancies rather than the more likely outcome of pre-term delivery.

7. Fast Recovery

Most of the physical and biochemical changes that have taken place during pregnancy abruptly stop after birth. Postpartum chiropractic care helps you recover sooner from those stresses on muscles, joints, ligaments, and the nervous system. When baby arrives, you’ll be in better shape to devote your full attention to him/her and experience your overall enjoyment of new motherhood.

8. Pregnancy Safe

The notion that chiropractors “crack” bones and joints is an antiquated one. Chiropractors are trained in treating the spine of all women – pregnant or not – through gentle, targeted, effective manipulation of the spine and pressure points. Because the spine is the gateway to your body’s nervous system, it’s through the nervous system that the rest of your body receives its instructions.

Those instructions reach muscles and bones and all of the involuntary body systems like circulation, digestion, organs, and immune system.  So when your nervous system is functioning properly, the rest of your body is too. It’s a non-invasive and safe way to receive a full-body “tune-up” before and after giving birth.

Certified Pediatric Practitioners

Dr. Parker is certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatric Association in pediatric chiropractic for pre- and post-natal specialties. She is the only chiropractor with the C.A.C.C.P certification in Parker County.

Dr. Darcy Goode and Dr. Michelle Parker are both certified in Myofascial Release. Dr. Parker has past experience as a Certified Personal Trainer in Women’s Health and the ability to work on the muscles and tendons that attach to the bones that are not moving properly, causing pain, discomfort, and a lack of range of motion. 

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