Worm Tacos

Fall is officially here, plus the sky opening and dropping so much rain. Seriously, did Seattle send this to us? One of my favorite things about fall is Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, just after Halloween. Can I be honest, Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday. It can be scary and I prefer the cute and sparkly princess costumes.

Also, with Halloween comes the overload of candy. Before my wholesome wellness path, I lived and breathed candy. But, when you are trying to be healthy, the sugar in candy can lower the immune system overall. This is not ok during the beginning of cold and flu season. So ways that our family tries to stay healthy during this time is to eat healthier options and lower the amount of sugar where we can. I know that gluten bothers me and my children, so being gluten-free is one of our top priorities for our families health.

I saw this idea in a magazine and thought it was such a great idea and had to try it.  We are constantly looking for healthy dinner and snack ideas at The Chiropractic Place for Mommy and Me in Aledo Texas.  I did put my natural and healthy spin on it by choosing Applegate Naturals Uncured Organic Beef Hot Dog that I snagged from Target in Weatherford, Texas. I sliced them into sixths - eighths and threw them into a frying pan with some Pompeian Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil over medium heat for 6-8 minutes until they are thoroughly heated and starting to curl in. 


Place on a heated corn tortilla (ideally organic and non-gmo) like these shown from La Tortilla Factory and bam. You have Worm Tacos perfect for any child or adult that loves the spin for Halloween.  Fast, easy and a healthy choice for dinner or snack