Active Rehab & Physiotherapy

Our clinic encourages active lifestyles.


There are many factors that can contribute to pain and spasm.  Our clinic addresses the root cause of your problem while focusing on active strengthening and stretching exercises to help minimize further injury while speeding up the rate of recovery.

Active rehab exercises, including the following, are easy to integrate into your daily routine:

  • Stretching

  • Foam rolling

  • Theraband strengthening

  • Functional bodyweight movements

  • Yoga poses

Exercise alone is not enough to correct the majority of conditions.  Most people are unaware of the simple, every day movements they do that may be contributing to their condition.  For example, making sure to sit evenly on both sides of your hips when driving or at a desk; avoiding talking on the phone on the same ear each time; switching sides that you carry your child or purse on periodically; for every right-handed golf swing you make to follow up with a left. 

Dr. Michelle Parker and Dr. Darcy Goode are dedicated to addressing the root cause of your problem while educating you and your family on ways to prevent future injuries from crippling your active lifestyle.

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